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7 Amazing Benefits of Skin Icing

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Benefits of icing your face

Skin icing is one of the most popular modern beauty rituals and it contributes to better looking skin. Beauty experts have long used this therapy in spas and skin care treatments, thanks to its wide range of benefits. 

Benefit #1

Smoother Skin. Skin icing tightens and tones face skin and makes it look smooth.

Benefit #2

Pore Primer. Skin icing is a cheap skin toner and works great when applied before makeup. It minimizes the pores underneath the makeup, and the foundation looks smooth and flawless. Try icing your face and then apply your primer.

Benefit #3

Icing Improves Circulation. Skin icing improves blood circulation. Ice constricts blood vessels and less blood goes to the skin surface. This is great in cases of inflammation or swelling. The body responds to the cold treatment and sends an increased flow of warm blood to the treated area.

Benefit #4

Icing Reduces Puffiness Around the Eyes.  Skin icing reduces swelling, and thus reduces unsightly “bags” under your eyes.

Benefit #5

Icing Helps Hide a Hangover. A long night out filled with drinks and partying can definitely show on your face the next morning. And if you did only get a few hours of sleep, nothing will wake you up like some ice cold water on your face.

Benefit #6

Wrinkle Buster. Icing eases the signs of wrinkles and slows the creation of new wrinkles.

Benefit #7

Icing Controls Acne Breakouts. Skin icing reduces swelling and redness, so it is great for controlling pimples. Applying ice to the skin daily will slow inflammation. This will help reduce the size and number of blemishes. Rub an ice cube over your entire face and hold it on the inflamed spots for several seconds, or until it feels a little numb. Repeat the technique morning and night.

Basic Instructions

Skin icing does not require any special effort. Do it in the morning and evening. Follow these instructions:

  1. First, cleanse your face thoroughly.
  2. Wrap one or two ice cubes in a gauze or any other kind of soft cloth.
  3. When the ice starts melting and dampens the cloth, apply it to the face.
  4. Hold it on different areas on the face for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Move the ice gently using circular movements. Go up along the chin and the jaw line, up the cheeks, and along the forehead and nose. Take special care for the area underneath your eyes.
  6. Finish with toner, acne treatment or moisturizer.

Some Things to Remember

  1. Skin icing is often applied without covering the ice cubes.
  2. Don’t worry if you can’t use ice directly on the skin. The same effect can be achieved when holding the cubes with a soft cloth.
  3. If you still decide to use bare ice, do not apply it straight from the freezer, as it can break the capillaries under the skin.
  4. Avoid using ice if you already have a lot of broken capillaries or just do not use it for too long in those areas.
  5. Stop the treatment if you feel uncomfortable.
  6. The icing should not be applied for more than 15 minutes.
  7. For better results, add some lemon, rosewater, green tea, cucumber, chamomile tea, or other skin-friendly ingredients to the water for the ice cubes, depending on your skin type.

Until next time…
Stay Extraordinary!

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