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Skin Care Insights — acne stimulants

Outside Factors that Stimulate Acne

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Outside Factors that Stimulate Acne

  Acne is NOT your fault!  It’s not caused by eating chocolate and French fries, or sleeping on a dirty pillowcase or not washing your face enough. There are triggers, however, that if avoided or minimized can help to control acne. Trigger #1 Picking. Not allowed! Picking can irritate impactions, making it worse. It will cause scarring. Acne scars can mark you for life, emotionally and physically, which is why it’s important to avoid scarring by treating your acne preventively.  Rub an ice cube on the pimple to reduce inflammation. Then follow with a medicated treatment – something with benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria, salicylic acid to help loosen dead...

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