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Outside Factors that Stimulate Acne

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Acne is NOT your fault!  It’s not caused by eating chocolate and French fries, or sleeping on a dirty pillowcase or not washing your face enough. There are triggers, however, that if avoided or minimized can help to control acne.

Trigger #1

Picking. Not allowed! Picking can irritate impactions, making it worse. It will cause scarring. Acne scars can mark you for life, emotionally and physically, which is why it’s important to avoid scarring by treating your acne preventively. 

Rub an ice cube on the pimple to reduce inflammation. Then follow with a medicated treatment – something with benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria, salicylic acid to help loosen dead skin cells.

Trigger #2

Stress. Whether it is positive or negative, stress is the greatest aggravation to acne. The influence of a major stressful event can be seen on the skin for up to a year!

Incorporating stress reducers like, exercise, listening to music, and laughter are scientifically backed ways to reduce stress and limit the effect that stress can have on your skin.

Trigger #3

Climate. Humid climates and seasons can irritate acne. High humidity can make us feel hotter and actually raise our core temperature. Our bodies compensate by working harder and harder to cool us down. Sweat and excess oil from this process can become a trigger for acne.

Key ways to avoid overheating are: drink plenty of water, slow down, and cool off when noticing any sign of fatigue, headache, or increased pulse. Keeping indoor air at a comfortable and healthy humidity level through the use of a home dehumidifier can also help.

Trigger #4

Friction or pressure. Rubbing from clothing or massage; Pressure from chin straps, etc. … all can can cause an eruption of acne. 

Treat your skin gently! Be mindful of these factors and eliminate bad habits like leaning on your hands. Use ear phones to avoid pressing your phone against your face.

Trigger #5

Sunlight. Sunlight does not dry out or help to clear acne. Sunlight can cause severe damage to the skin. Always use a non-comedogenic (will not block pores), broad spectrum SPF to help avoid breakouts. 

Trigger #6

Occupational toxins. Oils, greases, tars, and chemicals can cause acne… whether ingested, inhaled, or exposed to the skin. Some of the most prevalent toxins and pollutants include lead, particulates, formaldehyde, and dioxins.

One of the best ways to combat exposure to these harmful toxins is with a nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich diet, together with extra supplementation.

Trigger #7

Iodides or Iodine. Foods, vitamins or other dietary supplements contains iodides or other hormone-like substances can be a problem.

Trigger #8

Cosmetics. Makeup can cause problems. Especially makeups that claim to really cover up. They have ingredients that can cause breakouts. 

Trigger #9

Hormone Fluctuations. Pregnancy, birth control, and menstrual cycles, can clear or flare acne.

Trigger #10

Drugs. Many prescription drugs can cause or aggravate acne, i.e. steroids.

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