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Does Exercise Make Acne Worse?

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but is it healthy for your skin? Regular exercise means sweat and sore muscles. If you’re prone to breakouts, will the rigors of a workout routine make your acne worse?

Why Does Acne Happen?

Acne breakouts happen when the pores of your skin become blocked. They become blocked when excess bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells remain trapped inside. Additionally, normal shifts in hormone levels can increase acne breakouts.

Your efforts to stay fit and healthy need not result in acne breakouts. Below are some practical tips and reminders that will keep your skin looking extraordinary.

Weight Loss Can Change Hormone Levels

Exercise can change your body in ways that can trigger acne. Changes in weight can throw off hormone levels, triggering breakouts. Fortunately, hormones will level off. As they do, your acne will level off too, giving you an incentive to keep moving forward with your fitness goals.

Is Sweat the Problem?

If you notice breakouts after a workout, you might be quick to blame it on sweat. However, sweat probably isn’t the problem. Contact with bacteria is more likely the culprit.

Whether you wear headphones on a run or touch equipment at the gym that’s less than clean, a buildup of bacteria from these types of contact can lead to skin trouble. Here are few practical suggestions:

  1. DON’T exercise with makeup on.
  2. DO exercise with broad spectrum SPF during outdoor workouts to avoid sun burn.
  3. Wipe off gym equipment before use.
  4. Wash your towel after every workout.
  5. Be conscious of headbands, chin straps, or snug clothing as these can aggravate acne.
  6. Shower as soon as possible after exercising, preferably with cool water. If a shower is not practical, at least wash your face.
  7. Reapply acne treatments after showering.

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